Disneyland paris disabili accessibile per tutti

Disneyland Paris for disabled people

Disneyland paris disabili accessibile per tutti

Disneyland Paris per tutti

Have you ever wondered if you could still get on the rides?

I was obsessed with this question.

Growing up with my parents who took me to Gardaland (in Italy), I kept asking myself if I could still take my children to do the rides.

By now some of you will have already understood how I am: when I put something in my head, sooner or later, I do it!

So I did.

My sister turned 13 last year and I thought there was no better gift than taking a trip to Disneyland Paris.

According to Disneyland Paris’ website and my telephone survey, Disneyland Paris seemed to be one of the amusement parks with the most attention and care for the disabled, but I was still worried and a little afraid. It has happened several times that “on paper” a place was accessible and the services usable, but in the end it was not.

But, ladies and gentlemen, Disneyland Paris does not want to ruin anyone’s dreams and desires. So I can tell you that it’s all true: yes, it can be done!

We will go into further detail on what, how and which rides you can do.

Disneyland paris disabili

The most beautiful amusement park in Europe

It is simply pure magic, at any age… if you don’t love rides, you will still love the atmosphere of enchantment that you will find inside the whole park.

The shops that sell the classic but unmissable gadgets like Mickey and Minnie ears, the balloons with the faces and shapes of the Disney characters, the costumes that you will find along the main street will look great on you. All of this is inevitable.

In short, everything makes this place the “Land of Toys”.

And for Marvel’s nerds, don’t worry, there’s something for you too. The park offers, in addition to themed attractions, the opportunity to drink a blue granita inside the Infinity Gauntlet, which you can take home.

Oh I almost forgot … there are actually two parks: Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios.

Disneyland Paris costs and offers – Prices for disabled people

For once, the benefits are right!

10% discount on your ticket and a FREE ticket for an accompanying person!!

ATTENTION: to obtain these discounts, however, it will be necessary to present the correct documentation and the tickets can only be bought at Disneyland Paris ticket office, not online!!!

Here is the detailed list:

  • Disabled card (every Country might have a different one. In Europe is the blue one that you also use for parking)
  • Disability certificate no older than 3 months, with date, stamp and signature of your doctor. The certificate must be in original and in English or French.

Personally, I recommend that you request it from your doctor and ask to report the percentage of disability, whether permanent or temporary, and if you need help for moving/walking. This last element is very important and necessary so that you can request a free ticket for an accompanying person.

BE CAREFUL! Pay attention to these details because you could risk to loose access to discounts!

Feel free to contact me HERE for information or questions!

Skip the line at Disneyland Paris

Now the best news: you can skip the line!

This is not the supermarket’s priority checkout. Here, all you have to do is show up and the dedicated entrances will open, as if by magic, and you will find yourself at the top of the queue. For the fearless, you can do (as we did) the Aerosmith roller coaster three times in a row. And when I say in a row I mean really without breaks or interruptions.

Let’s go into details: the pass to skip the line is called the PRIORITY CARD and you must request it specifically; the cash desk where to ask for it is next to the one you pay at!

The pass is valid for the whole family and is valid for up to 5 people, including the disabled!

It has no additional cost and is absolutely to be done.

It was a source of pride for my sister to be able to say she did a lot of rides.

The attractions – How to get on the rides?

I want to be clear: no ride is equipped for wheelchair access!

The park staff leaves you free to get on almost all the rides, the only mandatory thing is that someone can help you sit up or you can do it independently. In no case they are allowed to help you physically. For them, the important thing is that you manage to get on the rides, somehow, but they will not take responsibility for helping you do so.

In fact, you will see in the map all the rides and how they are marked. It will be possible to understand through a legend which “levels” of walking and autonomy are needed. For example, when a person in a wheelchair is shown standing up, it indicates that you must be able to get picked up or make the passage yourself to get on the rides.

Once you get on board, the wheelchair will be kept by the park staff in a spaces next to the rides; they are very careful and therefore reliable, I have not encountered any kind of problem.

To be precise and correct there are only two rides that are prohibited and therefore cannot be done in case of disability: “Peter Pan’s Flight” and “Crush’s Coaster” the roller coaster of “Finding Nemo”. Unfortunately, in these rides it would not be possible to reach the emergency exits or safely leave the “cabins” and therefore are prohibited.

If the other members of your group still want to do these rides, they can book and show up at the indicated time, to avoid long and unnecessary queue!

giulia e famiglia disneyland paris giostra giro della morte

The experience who tried them all!

Keep in mind that I’m paraplegic, so I’ll tell you what happened when I put my feet back on the roller coaster!!

Most important thing: seat belts and slings work!

They hold very well and wrap you very very well, even the legs are stable! I wasn’t afraid… or at least, no more than usual!

The only thing I can tell you is that you will have the feeling of “not being down to earth”, but for real! In the sense that those who have “working legs” have a different weight and are able, even upside down in the lap of death, to point them on the floor; in my case, well… our legs will rise from the ground!

But in any case you will still be able to hold your child’s hand when he asks you to do it!

What do you really need?

Well… tied shoes, functioning vocal cords and hair in the wind!

Disneyland paris disabili

L’esperienza di chi le ha provate tutte!

Ricordate che sono paraplegica, quindi vi racconto cosa è accaduto quando ho riappoggiato i piedi sopra le montagne russe!!

Allora, cosa importantissima: le cinture e le imbragature funzionano!

Tengono benissimo e ti avvolgono molto molto bene, anche le gambe sono stabili! Non ho avuto paura… o per lo meno, non più del solito!

L’unica cosa che vi posso dire è che avrete la sensazione di “non essere con i piedi per terra”, ma davvero davvero! Nel senso che chi ha le gambe che funzionano ha un peso diverso e riesce, anche a testa in giù nel giro della morte, a puntarle sul pavimento; invece nel mio caso, beh… ecco le nostre gambe saliranno da terra!

Però riuscirete in ogni caso a tenere la mano a vostro figlio/a quando vi chiederà di farlo!

Cosa occorre davvero?

Scarpe ben allacciate, corde vocali funzionanti e capelli al vento!

Disneyland paris disabili

Restrooms and restaurants

Restrooms are scattered throughout the park.

Even in restaurants it is possible to skip the queue, but not all have all the bathrooms inside, so you will need to check first.

Click HERE to see the maps of the parks.

Fireworks and the Parade

Something magical! Simply magical!

At the beginning we did not know whether to stop doing rides to see the parade, or to continue to exhaustion. Given all the people who were gathering to see the show we convinced ourselves and I can guarantee you that it was worthy!

Both the parade with all Disney characters and the fireworks at night were truly wonderful. For children it is truly a dream come true to be able to see their heroes and heroines walk in front of them and maybe even high-five them! I must admit it was beautiful for me too…

One big tip is that there are places reserved for the disabled in front, delimited with bars, but here there is a flaw… only one companion can go, we were four and therefore we had to split up!

So check the show times to make sure you don’t miss them!

For those who do not want to see both parks?!

Okay, I admit… I have a winner.

Disneyland Paris, the classic one, remains undefeated.

The reasons?

The staff is really happy and always smiling, they are much kinder and really manage to create an atmosphere of boundless happiness.

While in the other park the rides are still beautiful, but there is not the same magic that Mr. Walt Disney has handed down from generation to generation.

Disneyland paris per disabili

Per chi non volesse fare tutte e due i parchi?!

Ok, ammetto che io ho decretato un vincitore.

Rimane imbattuto Disneyland Paris, quello classico.

I motivi?

Il personale è davvero felice e sorride sempre, sono molto più gentili e riescono realmente a creare un’atmosfera di felicità smisurata.

Mentre nell’altro parco le giostre sono comunque bellissime, ma non vi è la stessa magia che il signor Walt Disney ha tramandato di generazione in generazione.

Disneyland paris per disabili

Disneyland Paris: TIPS

Below you will find useful links for maps and documents for the preparation of your visit.

I recommend you take a look.

As usual, I also put the LINK of the hotel where we stayed. It is about 20 minutes from the park and has a much more affordable price than the hotels within the park.

You can contact me HERE for any information or question about my experience at Disneyland Paris or if you need a hand to organize your visit.

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