My job today is with companies, I deal with communication, through speeches and corporate training.

I bring psychological concepts to companies that are comprehensible to everyone, I aim to develop soft skills and all relational skills.

In short, I bring the heart to the mind, and the mind to the heart.

I have a great passion that is travel, through my blog and my Instagram profile I talk about storytelling, travel, advertising campaigns and targeted consultancy, both for institutions and for small, medium and large companies operating in the tourism sector and not only.

Finally I create creative content for blogs, social pages and videos.

I believe in the power of sharing, but not the one with a click, the real one that passes from person to person.



During my first year on Instagram I immediately started collaborating with companies, newspapers and online magazines, Italian and foreign blogs and we created content together.

So I decided to turn this passion of mine into a part of my job.

To date we create digital content that spread various topics including psychology, travel and inclusion.

Our goal is to create valuable content that can be learned by everyone, through direct words and simple aspects of everyday life.

My Instagram channel makes me understand how much value is the aspect that is closest to my heart.

To date I collaborate with companies for the creation of events, specific speeches and collaborations on the channel.

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Everything started from the love and passion for travel!

I am convinced that traveling is one of the most inclusive and rewarding experiences that can be done in our life and for this reason I have now decided to make them become part of our work.


We participate in press / blog trips on request to review and share our experience through articles on our blog, posts and stories on Instagram and YouTube or IGTV videos.

We build together with you, based on your needs and objectives, a communication project on social media to highlight the strengths of the destination and / or the key values related to travel.

We carry out reviews of accommodation, activities, tourist itineraries, products and services related to the world of travel.

We support organizations, tourist agencies, accommodations and destinations in the realization of the marketing strategy and offer services with media coverage on different online and social media platforms and offline collaborations.

Dedicated sections on travel and accessibility. They can be made in English or Italian, on offline magazines or online platforms.

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I started my online business because I believe in the power of sharing.
To date I bring and share my experiences in the corporate world, designing and offering corporate speeches.

Companies are increasingly required to be inclusive and resilient, characteristics that fall within the world of so-called relationship skills or life skills.

Learning and spending time developing these skills internally within a company is a fundamental part of the development of the company itself.

This activity is transversal to multiple areas and aims to create a moment of reflection through the storytelling of my personal experience, of what I learned from my life change, applying psychological concepts to break down prejudices and stereotypes and consequently implement a path of restructuring our forma mentis.

Talking about inclusion in companies, training for inclusion, means creating a resilient and adaptive company both with its employees and colleagues and with its public.

  • improve and sensitize work and social inclusion;
  • improve corporate well-being;
  • indirectly increase productivity;
  • increase the sense of belonging;
  • learn to analyze and evaluate diversity in terms of resources;
  • learn to manage relationships with people with disabilities;
  • favor the integration and the inclusion process.
I propose a frontal speech bringing experiences and reflections and at the same time leaving free spaces (workshop) to encourage personal and group growth.
  • employees;
  • human resources staff;
  • managerS;
  • marketing department staff;
  • external guests.
The duration and modalities of speech can be decided together based on the needs and methods.

Increase in the turnover of the
most inclusive companies


of the Italian population prefers inclusive brands attentive to diversity in broad terms


Word of mouth increases by up to 70.8% as opposed to 43% of non-inclusive brands




We organize speeches and participate in events bringing our life experience with high emotional impact to stimulate companies, people and organizations.

Our goal is to bring value into people’s lives through a concept of disruptive innovation, inspired by our personal history.

The world and people need to dream, believe and do.

This is what we bring on stage with us.

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My TEDx Talk

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My TEDx Talk

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