Not sure where to eat in Singapore? Are you trying to understand what to eat in Singapore or which are the best restaurants in Singapore? Or are you more street food people?

Here we are in one of the articles I wrote with more pleasure!! Before starting, I recommend you read my Singapore article HERE in case you have not already, to get an overview and a clearer idea of the city and watch my video on YouTube below.

You must know that one of the things we love most about our travels is trying typical foods and restaurants in every city we visit!!

We love both looking for the most famous and acclaimed restaurants by other travelers, and wandering and discovering ours.

Singapore has a very high variety of food and restaurants to offer. You can choose from street food to starred restaurant and even 5 stars street food, if you really don’t know how to choose!!


I highlighted the neighborhood or area so that you can orient yourself better and I divided them according to category. I hope this list can be your starting point for a culinary tour through the streets of Singapore.

  1. Street Food
  2. Restaurants
  3. Night Life
  4. Romantic Restaurants and Chic Places
  5. Pastry and Sweets


  • Yum Cha: perfect for dumplings in Chinatown

  • Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant: the best place to eat real dumplings! Close to Little India
  • ChinaTown Complex and ChinaTown Street Markets: not only cheap Chinese street food
  • Telok Ayer Market: in the heart of Downtown stands this hawker center, perfect for a traditional lunch at the foot of the skyscrapers.
  • Tiong Bahru Market: another hawker center and a market on the ground floor.


  • Little Farms: they are small places that I found in a subway station that sell green and healthy food. Useful if you want to change a little.
  • Maccha House: Japanese cuisine inside the Orchard Central shopping center.
  • Liang seah street: a street in front of Bugis Junction full of clubs and restaurants… you have to come here.
  • Man Fu Yuan Restaurant: is a Chinese restaurant inside the Intercontinental hotel at Bugis Junction. The place is very nice, more expensive than the average, but well worth it. I particularly recommend dishes with shellfish: they are really delicious
  • Eng Hoon street: a nice street near the Tiong Bahru Market, full of restaurants. We ate at Merci Marcel, a really good French restaurant.


  • Spago, on the top floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, open to all, will allow you to enjoy the view from both sides of the hotel, therefore from both the bay side and the city side. I recommend it more as a bar for an aperitif than as a restaurant and, despite the exclusive location, the prices are still in the average of the other places. You better reserve a table!
  • Sunset dinner at Mount Faber: if you are looking for a place to have a romantic dinner you can take the cable car near the Vivocity station for Sentosa which will take you to the top of Mount Faber, the hill overlooking Singapore. They say that watching the sunset from here is fabulous.
  • Dinner on the Singapore Flyer: yes, you can have dinner while you rotate over the city on one of the highest panoramic wheels in the world. You will have two laps available (for a total of one hour), but hurry up because places are limited and you must necessarily book at least 24 hours in advance.
  • TWG Tea House: it is the most famous tea house in Singapore. It has a mold and a typically English appearance, but it is originally from Singapore and they are very proud of it!! There are tons of outlets and selling points around the city. Obviously to try for the 5 o’clock tea. Be careful though because there are some teas that cost more than 100 euros!!


  • Clarke Quay: the best place if you are looking for nightlife. It is an entire complex of clubs and restaurants that comes alive and colors at night. You can find dishes from all over the world in a few meters and it is perfect for drinking even late at night!!
  • Haji Lane: perfect for an after dinner drink.
  • Another perfect area for after dinner is between Club street and Ann Siang Hill, right next to ChinaTown.


  • Flor Patisserie: recommended directly by a local girl, it is the perfect place to eat cakes and desserts near Chinatown.
  • Tong Heng Delicacies: if you are in Chinatown and prefer more traditional desserts, you can try this other pastry to tease yourself with new, small and delicate desserts.
  • Local kids also recommended Toast Box. There are not only toast, although of course it is their main course, and you can find them everywhere around, often in shopping centers. Recommended for a mid-morning breakfast or a quick lunch during your city tour.
  • Lady M: by now you know my passion for sweets and therefore I also recommend you to go to Lady M and take a slice of her iconic crepes puff cake. Good, but don’t go overboard!
  • If you visit Southern Ridges, they advised us to get an ice cream from Creamier Handcrafted, where, apparently, they make an excellent homemade ice cream.


Now do you understand why I decided to write a separate article on where to eat in Singapore? These are just some of the restaurants and places to eat in Singapore that we have tried or we recommend!

Now let me know yours HERE and tell me where and what you ate and, above all, I want your advice on where to eat in Singapore and all the comments on strange food and drinks that you have tried!

See you soon and the next article…