“The new search engine for education, training and sport”


Have you ever had to look for something and not be able to find it easily?
Of getting lost on the Internet without being able to reach the information you want?
Have you ever been in a new city and want to do sports and just do not know where to do it?
Or of having to choose a school or a course but not being able to have all the information you need?

To date, it is said that with the internet we can find any information, but in reality sometimes it has become really difficult.
To me it is something that happens very often.

Months ago I had the opportunity to meet Tikitis, a company that really wants to solve this difficulty and wants to allow everyone to find correct information through its portal.

In this article I really want to talk to you about this reality and why we have chosen to collaborate with them.


TIKITIS is a search engine that helps you find a school, a course, a sporting activity to do in your city and find detailed information on them.

Tikitis is a mediator between the user and the company and aims to help you understand and make the best choice for your future.

Each school and activity on the portal has a descriptive sheet that allows you to find all the information you need to be able to choose the path and activity that is right for you.

Tikitis is active from kindergartens to schools, high school up to universities, evening schools and many specialized courses such as cooking, art, theater, music, languages, fashion courses are also present on the portal.

Why joining Tikitis?
The true question is why not!

Joining Tikitis allows you to take advantage of many active offers for both school and sports courses.

Furthermore, registration is free for users.

As travelers, a search engine that allows us to move better in the city we do not know is a great advantage.
Imagine you want to go for a tennis match in a city where you don’t even know where the historic center is, imagine the sports fields.

Thanks to Tikitis you can both find it and understand if it is suitable for your needs and you can also take advantage of some discounts if it is active.

TIKITIS put INCLUSION at its core

The decision to partner with Tikitis and to write this article arose from their ability to think and include everyone.

Many times, when it comes to search engines, schools and sports, the same companies forget and do not pay attention to providing useful information for people with disabilities and special needs.

Even when this information can be found online, it is very often incomplete, incorrect or of little use.

When we spoke with Tikitis, they immediately told us: “We would like to have particular attention on this issue and also provide information on the accessibility and feasibility of places and schools or sports companies on our portal”.

This stance made us fall in love with their idea, because nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find real information on the accessibility of a place.

We will try some places and activities together with Tikitis and we will take you with us, to let you know how they work “in the field” and let you discover all the advantages.

Meanwhile, you can browse their platform by clicking HERE and let me know what you think HERE

See you soon in the next article.