Bakery – the best in New York City

Here is the list of the best bakeries I found in NYC… read and get ready to make your mouth watering… This post is all for you, greedy people from everywhere!!

Dominique Ansel Bakery

The first bakery I want to tell you about is Dominique Ansel Bakery.
This pastry shop has managed to create a tasteful love story between Japan and France. What to absolutely get?

Unmissable… The “Cookie shot“… You heard right !!!

Guys we are talking about cookies 2.0. New shape, new way of eating them, same flavor. For the joy of all children and for those who, like me, do not want to grow too much.

Here is a revisited biscuit, made in a glass-shape where it contains fresh milk… in short, the first biscuit eat and drink !!

In my opinion it is ideal to put under the Christmas tree to convince your children that Santa Claus exists and eats cookies happily.

Cronuts, so called because they are the perfect match between a croissant and a donut. A soft and buttery dough reminiscent of a croissant, but sweet and in the shape of a donut with a hole. Stuffed inside and out decorated with contrasting tastes that manage to surprise you!

Now tell me what more could you ask for…

Magnolia Bakery

So, it was centuries that I heard mention this place, I absolutely wanted to go there !!

I state that those images you see on their profiles with those wonderful flowers are only made if your order them in advance… but equally the colors are magnificent and the tastes too. Very sugary and buttery, ideal for your child’s birthday party.

These delicious cupcakes and cheesecakes, ranging from the most iconic flavors like red velvet to fresh ideas, are designed for ready-to-wear. No coffee table, just a long queue that flows quickly.

Serendipity 3

Icecream Serendipity bakery Film amore

And here comes the highlight… close your eyes, imagine Christmas in NYC, decorations, toy shops, the desire to meet the love of life and the famous skating rink in the heart of Manhattan. A man and a woman who meet one evening decide to exchange the number on a book and in the middle of the night they decide to go and eat together. Where are they going? What’s open at that hour?

We all know the answer… SERENDIPITY!!

Ok, I admit it… it’s really a tourist and movie-addicted thing, but going there with Andrea, eating at their table, has recreated some of that magic of love that the movie has been able to create…

Carlo’s Bakery

It is certainly one of those unmissable stops as its TV program made us dream of those huge cakes of all shapes, sizes and colors.

My opinion? More beautiful than good…
I found them slightly too “buttery”…

But if you are looking for a spectacular cake of irrepressible dimensions, surely Buddy is your man!
I still want to say one thing: for sure going to eat at Carlo’s is one of those things to do in life and should be rewarded for making his shop accessible.


It is undeniable that the unicorn cakes and the Rainbow Cake give a smile even on rainy days in New York.

Here’s my list of the best Bakeries in New York City…

We stayed a few days, so we just started scratching the surface of the thick glaze on top of the New York cakes.

Feel free to share with me, and with all the other sweet tooths, your list of the best Bakeries in New York City !!!